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In Florida, the Sun-Sentinel reports on how Lucky’s Market, which has 28 stores nationally and plans to open at least 20 more this year, plans to open a dozen of them in Florida, as well as in Montana, Ohio and Colorado.

Lucky’s has a strategic alliance with Kroger, which in 2016 said it was investing in the niche chain so that it could “significantly accelerate … growth in new and existing markets.”

The paper seems to be excited about the prospect:

“The chain has a fun, festive vibe, and encourages customers to sip and stroll around the store jamming to live or classic rock music. Think of it as a cross between a brewery, farmer's market, and the best of several grocery chains packed into one interesting about 45,000-square-foot store.

“It has four craft brews on tap — Oakland Park's Funky Buddha Floridian among them — for $2 a pint, along with a selection of wines for $3 a glass. Stop by the cafe to grab a glass, clip the special cup holder onto your cart, and you're ready to roll.

“Lucky's stocks its own brands of products and wines, about 50 percent of them organic, and has a large selection of prepared foods. It cures and smokes its own meats, selling bacon, deli meats and sausages free of antibiotics, growth hormones and nitrates. It also has bulk nuts, candy, coffee and other foods in self-serve bins.”
KC's View:
Drinking beer while shopping? That’s my idea of a differential advantage.