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by Kevin Coupe

The Associated Press reports that CVS Health is getting into the kidney care business as it yet again expands beyond its traditional drugstore business and into other areas of healthcare.

According to the story, CVS “will offer home dialysis for patients through its Coram business, and it is working with another unspecified company to develop a new device for that … CVS Health will begin its expansion into kidney care with a program that helps identify chronic kidney disease early. It will then connect those patients with nurses for training and nutritional counseling to help delay the need for dialysis, a process that filters and cleans blood.”

The AP story points out that CVS’s healthcare ambitions have propelled it to open more than a thousand clinics in its stores, as well as run a pharmacy benefit management business; it also is spending $69 billion to buy insurance company Aetna.

Everything you need to know about CVS is contained in this passage from the AP story…

Company leaders have said they aren’t planning to replace doctors. Instead, they want to use their national reach to supplement the care patients already receive from a physician.

I’m not sure it has been a flawless, philosophically pure initiative, but what CVS has done in terms of redefining and then implementing its narrative has been impressive, focused and, it seems to me, worth emulation in other industries where retailers find themselves with ill-defined images and missions.

That’s an Eye-Opener.
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