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The Wall Street Journal reports on new research that “raises the tantalizing possibility of creating personalized diets. The study, published by the journal Genetics, suggests genes play a strong role in influencing how our bodies respond to diets. Based on the results, the authors hope that someday people will be able to take a blood test to determine if a given diet is likely to work for them.”

Scientists, the story says, know that “not everyone responds to a given diet the same way,” and believe that down the road - such a development likely is several years away - they will be able to define and track “biomarkers that could enable doctors to use a blood test to predict a diet’s effectiveness.”
KC's View:
In some ways, the most surprising thing about this story is that it has taken so long. I can remember years ago, when interviewing Tres Lund, he told me about home DNA testing kits that were coming on the market. (This was long before 23 & Me.) Tres said that such kits would lead to a future in which people would know so much about their genetic makeups and predispositions that smart retailers would be able to help them customize eating plans that would address disease states that hadn’t even happened yet.

I think he was, and is, absolutely right. That’s exactly what smart retailers - like Lunds & Byerlys - will be able to do.