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• E-commerce analytics firm Profitero is out with a new pricing study concluding that price competition among Amazon, Walmart, Jet and Target continues to tighten. Amazon continues to lead in a number of categories, with prices about 10 percent lower than the other three, on average. Walmart reportedly is matching Amazon’s prices on about 53 percent of all products, compared with Target, which matches prices on 37 percent of items, and Jet, which matches 35 percent.

CPG items are where many of the pricing battles are being fought, Profitero says.

This tells me that the best way for retailers not named Amazon, Walmart, Target and Jet to compete is not on price, at least in most cases, but rather on products and services that they can define as being unique and proprietary, offered in retailing environments that are differentiated and compelling. Retailers that don’t think this way will end up thinking about themselves as collateral damage.
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