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Fast Company has a piece about how Amazon foresees the future of its Alexa-based system … as a world in which the smartphone is considerably less relevant than it is today. Here’s a glimpse:

“You tap the ‘good morning’ button on your bedside Echo Spot, and it displays the day’s forecast as the blinds open and the bedroom lights fade on. Downstairs, the Echo Show in the kitchen displays a reminder about your doctor’s appointment at noon, and alerts you to a single urgent email: You’ll have to join a conference call as soon as you get into the office.

“In the car, you press the ‘commute’ button on the Alexa-enabled dashboard, which queues up your favorite music while steering you around a traffic jam, and after work, Alexa relays another reminder to your car, telling you to grab milk on the way back. At home, you swipe through a list of restaurants on the Echo Show to make a reservation for the weekend, check in on your folks via video chat, and finally sit down to relax. With one more button press, the next episode of your favorite show starts playing on the Fire TV in the living room.”

The goal, the story says, “ is to create a new kind of computing that’s simpler and less distracting. And while voice will be the foundation, there may be plenty of times where you use Alexa without speaking at all.”

You can read the entire, fascinating story here.
KC's View:
This is just one future. It isn’t by any means certain, and there will be competitors with different world views who will challenge Amazon every step of the way. Which is a good thing.

In some ways what fascinates me most about this story is the notion that we’re headed inevitably toward a future in which smart phones are about as critical to our lives as fax machines and pagers. That seems logical to me … with the only question being how long it will take, not whether it will happen.

When it comes to innovation, there is no finish line.