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Bloomberg has a story about how three Walmart executives - Marc Lore, president/CEO of Walmart eCommerce US … Jeremy King, US Chief Technology Officer Jeremy King … and Scott Hilton, the e-commerce unit’s chief revenue officer - have each chosen product categories and are engaged “in a 90-day contest since Oct. 5 to see who can improve the performance of their assigned product category. The idea is to throw the executives into the trenches during the holiday season, giving them a better sense of how they can challenge Inc. in the cutthroat world of e-commerce. They’ve been working alongside the regular category specialists, helping to make the staff more efficient in their roles.”

Lore chose yoga mats, King picked abdominal-toning machines, and Hilton is overseeing exercise balls.

According to the story, “Archimedes Stuk, a senior director of retail analytics at Wal-Mart, will determine the winner of the contest -- based on measures like sales, assortment and overall customer experience.”

King says that the winner only gets one thing: “Respect.”
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