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Architectural Digest reports that “Amazon is officially making a foray into the furniture and home goods worlds with the launch of two new private labels, which will be sold exclusively on Rivet, and Stone & Beam. The two lines are designed to appeal to different markets, but both will offer free shipping with Amazon Prime, 30-day free returns, and limited warranties. Rivet, the company's take on affordable midcentury-modern design, is aimed at urban millennials or anyone who lives a transient lifestyle, while Stone & Beam is geared toward families and retails at slightly higher price points.”

The story goes on: “The two furniture and home goods lines will join Amazon's other private-label goods that the company offers include the Happy Belly brand in food, Goodthreads in clothing, and Presto! cleaning products. As with the rest of Amazon's private-label goods, Rivet and Stone & Beam will be produced by contract manufacturing and will offer lower price points than the name-brand competitors.”

Fortune reports that Amazon is getting back into the private label diapers business, marketing them under its new baby product own-label Mama Bear, but only making them available to customers invited to buy them.

It is a return engagement for Amazon - it had a private label diaper line as part of its Amazon Elements line, but discontinued them after customer complaints about quality.

According to the story, “The return of the diapers is part of Amazon’s larger effort to beef up its private-label brands, which include its vitamins and supplements brand Amazon Elements and the home products label Amazon Basics. The company has seen some sales success with its private-label brands. Selling its own brands helps Amazon boost profit margins and gives the company more control over shipping. Other companies, namely Walmart, are launching private-label brands to compete.”
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