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Bloomberg reports that Walmart again is facing a gender discrimination class action suit filed by female employees who say they faced gender discrimination while working for the company, including being denied promotion opportunities and being paid less than men for similar jobs.

The suit focuses on transgressions that are alleged to have taken place in the southeastern US.

The story notes that this suit is a subset of one that was filed in 2001, but that the US Supreme Court ruled in 2011 could not proceed as a class action; that suit represented 1.6 million female employees, which the court said was too big a class.

This new suit is designed to make the class more manageable, but Walmart said in statement that it “is no more appropriate than the nationwide class the Supreme Court has already rejected. These claims are unsuitable for class treatment because the situations of each individual are so different, and because the claims are not representative of the hundreds of thousands of women who work at Wal-Mart.”
KC's View:
I always thought that the SCOTUS declassification of the class action suit was sort of a shame, mostly because the women had more of a chance to make their case when they were united. Separated out, they were fighting a behemoth, and it was a lot tougher.

I know that this was Walmart’s goal, and I’m sure it all was legal. Just a shame, and maybe not in the best interests of justice.