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In the seventh and deciding game of the World Series, the Houston Astros dominated the Los Angeles Dodgers, winning 5-1 and earning the first championship in the franchise’s 56 years of existence.
KC's View:
Last night’s game wasn’t the most exciting of the series, but I found myself unable to turn away, in part because recent history suggested that the Dodgers might stage a comeback. Alas, they did not … but no matter, because the Astros were such an easy team to root for.

Good business lesson in the Astros’ ascent, by the way. For years, they were terrible, until management decided that they actually had to get worse before they got better. That meant getting rid of high-priced veterans and enduring some awful seasons that allowed them to get some high draft picks and restock their farm system. 2017 was the Astros’ year … and the natural disaster that befell the city of Houston only added to the mystique that they were this year’s team of destiny.

And now, we just have to wait 103 days until Spring Training…