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• Analytics firms Profitero is out with a study saying that Amazon’s prices are, on average, 11 percent lower than those at Walmart/Jet and Target … but that Walmart has narrowed the gap since 2014. HBC items are said to be the area where Walmart is most competitive with Amazon, and electronics the least.

While Target is the most expensive of the players, the study suggests that it is not focusing on price as much as it is putting on emphasis on loyalty marketing that helps it target best customers more effectively, and private labels that serve as a differentiator.

Bloomberg reports that Campbell Soup, which earlier this year dropped out of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) trade and lobbying group because of its “opposition to labeling whether food contained genetically modified ingredients,” has announced its intention to join the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA). The story describes this as “a major gesture by an industry giant acknowledging retreating consumer demand for meat and dairy heavy food.”

According to the story, “The soupmaker stressed that its decision to part ways with the GMA wasn’t linked to its decision to join the PBFA, and there’s no indication that its soups and other products, including meat and dairy, will change. Rather, the company hopes the partnership with PBFA will help it expand access to its plant-based offerings.”
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