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Yesterday we had several emails here about what could fairly be described as the disappointing Lidl experience, which prompted several additional emails.

MNB reader Frank J. Eich wrote:

As I read the comments/observations re: Lidl, I can’t help but recall the many miscues made by Tesco as they entered the southwestern US w/ their Fresh and Easy Banner……seems that Lidl has made many of the same mistakes when it comes to assortment, in store feeling, etc.  Time will tell.

The difference is that Fresh & Easy was owned by Tesco, and Tesco had shareholders and investors it had to satisfy. Lidl is owned by one guy with deep pockets … and may have more time and money to get things right.

From MNB reader Dean Balsamo:

If I were Lidl I’d also be concerned about the President’s linguistic “kill shot” aimed at Bob Corker…as in “Liddle Bob Corker.”  Most of their stores are in the South where Corker has good name recognition.  The spelling between the two words is problematic in my opinion…a subconscious connection between the two...that can’t exactly help Lidl’s business.

Maybe. Hadn’t thought of it that way.

Finally, regarding Whole Foods’ plan to hire 6,000 employees at a hiring event this week, one MNB reader wrote:

You are spot on. If Amazon can resurrect Whole Foods’ quirky culture, feature the core values that once upon a time set WFM apart from being just another grocery store, which includes having happy educated helpful customer centric staff - they’ll win back customers they’ve lost to the competition.

Lots of “ifs” there.
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