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CNN reports that Amazon-owned Whole Foods plans to have a nationwide hiring day this Thursday, with the goal of hiring some 6,000 people for a variety of full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs.

The story notes that Whole Foods is taking a page from its parent company’s playbook: “Amazon has used massive job fairs before -- it held them at 10 of its fulfillment centers over the summer to fill 50,000 open positions. But this recruitment push will be run entirely by Whole Foods, said a spokesman.”

While Amazon pledged early in 2017 that it would create 100,000 jobs in the US this year, the 6,000 Whole Foods jobs do not count toward that goal, a spokesperson said.
KC's View:
If Amazon and Whole Foods realize that one of the ways they can make the physical shopping experience more compelling and attractive is by putting more emphasis on the employees … by making them one of the store’s differential advantages … I think that will be an important strategic decision, not least because it recognizes the difference between the virtual and physical experiences.

I also think that Whole Foods’ adapting the Amazon hiring approach, with its built-in theatricality, says something about how the two companies are learning from each other.