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The Boston Globe reports that local chain Market Basket, much celebrated in recent years for being so loved that its customers took action when one side of the owning Demoulas family threatened to take over management from the side that most customers preferred, has decided to do something revolutionary.

It unveiled a website. Its first. Ever.

“That’s right,” says the Globe. “Until this week, Market Basket didn’t have a website for its shoppers. Ditto for Twitter or Facebook or Instagram accounts.”

The company said that its “focus on one-on-one interactions in stores meant that a website hadn’t been a priority,” but found recently that “a lot of people” were “requesting a Web presence.”
KC's View:
It is nice that a website never seemed like a priority, but it is just too big a weapon to consciously ignore. Done right, a website is an integrated tool, not the giving away of one’s soul.

It is worth pointing out that one reason Market Basket took this step is that one of its customers set up a website on its behalf. So, once again Market Basket’s fortunes are being affected by committed and evangelistic shoppers.