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by Kevin Coupe

TechCrunch reports that Amazon is teaming up with Garmin to offer the Garmin Speak, described as “an Echo Dot-like device that sits in the dash of your car and brings the full range of Alexa skills into the car. What’s more, the Garmin Speak integrates Alexa services through the car stereo, meaning you can listen to music, audiobooks, news and weather through a full-fledged sound system (comparatively) instead of tiny speaker.”

What’s more important (at least to Amazon, presumably) is that “users will be able to place orders on Amazon and control their smart devices at home through the Garmin Speak. So if, for example, you forgot to turn off the lights or lock the door (and you have the smart home accessories capable of doing that for you), you can simply take care of it from the driver’s seat.”

The Garmin Speak is available now on Amazon, and retails for $149.

We’ve had stories here on MNB recently about how automakers like BMW and Nissan are working on incorporating Amazon’s Alexa technology into their cars, but this move demonstrates that there are yet more ways to extend its reach.

I would expect that the next Eye-Opening development in this area will be Google incorporating its Google Home technology into the Waze system, which it owns.

And the momentum will continue.
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