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• The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that “Giant Eagle is expanding its Curbside Express pickup service to home delivery of groceries to 38 select ZIP codes in Greater Cleveland,” making some 45,000 SKUs available to shoppers from “eight participating Giant Eagle and Market District stores.”

The story says that “Giant Eagle, which already delivers groceries in Pittsburgh and Columbus, said online prices will match the in-store prices of whatever store the groceries are coming from.”

Reuters reports that Amazon is launching a cash payment system in Mexico, allowing shoppers to “deposit between 100 pesos ($5.20) and 5,000 pesos per transaction at several convenience store chains throughout Mexico, including 7-Eleven, placing up to 10,000 pesos a day into Amazon accounts online.” The approach, similar to one used by Amazon in India, is seen as a way of building appeal in a nation suspicious of credit cards and more reliant on paper currency.

According to the story, “the strategy could also help it to win market share from rival Wal-Mart de Mexico, known as Walmex, along with other retailers pushing Mexican consumers to shop more online instead of brick-and-mortar stores that still dominate the country’s retail sector.”
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