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The Seattle Times reports that the Trump administration is loosening the rules covering commercial drone testing, which will “allow more companies to test their flying machines at night, above people, at far greater distances and with packages — activities limited by federal restrictions.”

The move is a win for technology companies such as Amazon and Google-owned Wing that “have bet that drone deliveries will be a part of retail in the future, as well as entertainment companies that want to use the machines for filming.”

The Obama administration was more resistant to requests from business interests to allow broader testing, and the US Department of Transportation has been concerned about “allowing the machines to integrate into airspace shared by planes.”

The Times writes that “the White House said the approach taken by the United States until now has put the country behind other nations on technology innovation.”

However, the “Federal Aviation Administration is still deliberating potential rules for commercial drones, which are expected to have far more impact on the industry than Wednesday’s executive memorandum.”
KC's View:
Almost from the beginning, I’ve believed that eventually the rules governing commercial drones would be relaxed … and we’re almost there now.