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by Kevin Coupe

Advertising Age reports that Amazon has begun offering brands the ability to upgrade and enhance their product pages on the site, making available the ability to post widescreen videos and interactive displays that have greater visibility than traditionally has been seen on its site.

The cost of the offering - a half-million dollars, “which sounds steep but covers all of a participating brand's products.”

Bose is among the companies reportedly taking advantage of the offering.

According to the story, “The videos take Amazon product description pages to another level for marketers. On desktop, they take up the whole width of the screen, and give the ‘from the manufacturer’ section a more dynamic presentation. The experience also works on the mobile web.

“Amazon has offered video before, but as thumbnails buried within broader product pages.”

Ad Age goes on to point out that “marketing executives say they've seen a different, more accessible side of Amazon over the past year as it has become more interested in its ad business. The company has been expanding its palette of marketing and advertising services available to Madison Avenue.”

This is one of the advantages that e-commerce sites have over traditional bricks-and-mortar retail … the ability to be really nimble and creative in how they team up with suppliers and create a more robust shopping experience. If I have a traditional store, I need to start thinking about how I’m going to combat this.

It’s an Eye-Opener.
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