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Yesterday was the day when all bids were due at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters from states and cities hoping that they will be the final choice for Amazon’s second headquarters, and the minimum 50,000 new jobs and $5 billion investment that will come with it.

CNBC reports that Amazon is being promised as much as $7 billion in tax breaks by these various entities - the biggest breaks apparently being offered by New Jersey.

According to the story, “Dozens of cities and states have expressed interest in HQ2. Credit ratings and research company Moody's has ranked Austin as the most likely to win based on its labor pool, costs of doing business and quality of life, among other criteria. Austin is also the headquarters of Whole Foods Market, which Amazon recently acquired.”
KC's View:
Amazon has said that it will announce its decision next year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens faster than that.

Interestingly, one top contender - New York City - has decided not to offer any incentives, but rather has simply has pitched itself as offering advantages that no other contender can. Which I sort of respect - I always wonder why the world’s biggest companies get offered incentives and benefits that smaller, independent companies have no chance of obtaining.

What may annoy Amazon more about New York is how its mayor, Bill de Blasio, said this week that he’s never shopped on Amazon, and suggested that the city’s citizens should avoid the online behemoth in favor of neighborhood stores. (He also suggested they avoid Starbucks in favor of local coffee shops.)