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Yet another email about the move by the Boy Scouts to accept girls:

I was in Girl Scouts from 1st through 12th grade.  And I achieved my Gold Award designation as a scout, which is the Girl Scout equivalent of Eagle Scout.
Except…. The world knows what an Eagle Scout is and has no idea what the Gold Award is, which has always bothered me to no end.

Honestly, the projects that my fellow scouts and I coordinated for our Gold Award were often much more complex that anything I saw our local Eagle Scouts attain.

Perhaps the Girl Scouts need to do a better job marketing the achievements of their Gold Award recipients!

On a side note, my boys are Cub Scouts now.  It’s interesting to me to see how structured the program is compared to what I experienced as a Girl Scout. 

In my experience, Girl Scouts was always geared toward what the girls themselves wanted to do, not what the program dictates.  We often voted for what badges and activities we wanted to do!

If parents want Girl Scouts to teach things more in line with Boy Scouts, then they should be a leader and provide those opportunities for their troop.  I’m looking forward to doing that for my little girl who can’t wait to be a Girl Scout next year when she’s in Kindergarten!  And like any good scout, I’ll take what I’ve learned from my boys’ Cub Scout Pack and make my daughter’s troop better for it.

I enjoyed this email from an MNB reader who referenced our story yesterday about how technology is invading the kitchen:

Too much information for most people regarding AI in the kitchen. My wife has Cracker Barrel Smarts Intelligence and I would bet that she is a much smarter cook than what these techies are attempting to put together by linking all the electronic cooking devices. My wife has all the natural cooking intelligence to make healthy and tasty meals for us.

But not everybody is married to your wife.
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