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• The Associated Press reports that Netflix is increasing its monthly streaming price by 10 percent - from $10 to $11 - “a move aimed at bringing in more money to outbid HBO, Amazon and other rivals for addictive shows such as ‘Stranger Things’.”

According to the story, “The increase will be the first in two years for Netflix, although it won’t seem that way for millions of subscribers. That’s because Netflix temporarily froze its rates for long-time subscribers the last two times it raised its prices, delaying the most recent increases until the second half of last year for them.” This time, everybody will see an increase at the same time.

Netflix, to me, is a total bargain. That it only costs $11 a month is amazing.

• Costco said yesterday that its Q4 earnings were up 18 percent, to $919 million from $779 million during the same period a year earlier. Total revenue, which includes net sales and membership fees, rose to $42.3 billion in the quarter, up from $36.6 billion a year earlier.

For the year, Costco reported profit of $2.68 billion, up from $2.35 billion the previous year. Revenue grew to $129.03 billion in 2017 from the previous year's $118.72 billion.
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