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Consumer Affairs reports on a new online shopper study commissioned byThe Retail Feedback Group (RFG), concluding that Amazon and Walmart both get high marks.

According to the story, “About half the consumers who engage in online shopping said they plan to continue to buy groceries online in the coming year. Those who are already making food purchases online rate Amazon highest in customer satisfaction, giving the online retailer a score of 4.63 out of five. Walmart was not far behind at 4.41.

“Amazon edged out Walmart in several categories, rating higher for the online checkout process, the overall ordering experience, the availability of food items, and the delivery system. Walmart outstripped traditional supermarkets in the areas of the online ordering process, easy-to-find discounted items, good value, and convenient delivery/pickup.”

The study points out that while traditional retailers with online functionality have some level of parity when it comes to delivery, in virtually every other metric they are seen as considerably behind Amazon and Walmart. And while consumers still prefer bricks-and-mortar food stores, RFG principal Doug Madenberg says that “continued improvements in the online experience - especially regarding the product selection process - could shift that balance in the future.”
KC's View:
I don’t there is any question that traditional retailers have to get better about improving their online experiences, integrating online into what they presumably see as their broader messages to shoppers. It should be worrying to them that Amazon and Walmart are so far ahead … because the balance is shifting to online, and they have to be relevant if they want to remain credible. Not every customer nor every shopping trip will shift to online, but how much business can they afford to lose? Ten percent? Fifteen?