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Kroger has announced the launch of a new website/portal that will serve to facilitate its efforts to partner with local and emerging brands.

The site is kroger.Com/WeAreLocal.

According to the announcement, “Kroger recognizes the importance of carrying local and regional brands that are meaningful to the nearly nine million customers served in its family of stores daily … Kroger’s team of buyers continuously look for opportunities to purchase regionally that allow the company to expand its product portfolio for customers, stimulate the local economy and enhance product freshness.”

Mike Donnelly, Kroger’s executive vice president of merchandising and procurement, says that Kroger has “had a longstanding, 365-day-a-year commitment to support and source from local farmers, ranchers, food producers, wineries, breweries and product makers.”
KC's View:
Smart move, especially in view of the fact - probably coincidental, because it just happened a few days ago - that Whole Foods seems to be centralizing its operations now that it has been acquired by Amazon. The more that retailers are able to localize and drill down and be both responsive and resonant to their local communities, the better they will be able to compete in the current environment.