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Good piece in the Washington Post about how, throughout the country, “independent toy stores are seeing a revival as parents — and their children — look for unique shopping experiences that stand out at a time when so many of their shopping habits have been reduced to impersonal clicks of a button. While adults may be inclined to compare prices or shop from their living rooms, children would rather take their allowances and birthday money to a store that allows them to play and explore.

“It’s a wildly different story than at Toys R Us, which for decades was the country’s preeminent toy retailer, with a towering flagship in New York’s Times Square and a ubiquitous icon, Geoffrey the Giraffe. The company had been in free fall for years and analysts said the bankruptcy filing was inevitable.”

In other words, bricks-and-mortar can work … albeit, in this case, independent bricks-and-mortar that has been able to find success that lately has eluded the much bigger Toys R Us.

Go figure. You can read the entire story here.
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