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Bloomberg has a piece in which it quotes Dick Boer, chief executive officer of Royal Ahold Delhaize, as saying that “we have to make the store more exciting. The shopping environment needs to be easier, less complex and more entertaining.”

According to the story, “Boer estimates that as much as 15 percent of grocery purchases will move online by 2025, but that means most customers will still visit stores -- especially for fresh items like meat and produce. To make Ahold’s stores more enticing, they may add restaurants and other gathering spots.”

Boer seems to believe that the key to survival is to make sure “traditional supermarkets are still exciting places to visit.” While the company’s online business, Peapod, has been operating for 25 years, Boer says it isn’t yet profitable - though it is a necessity in this marketplace. And he says that Ahold Delhaize-owned chains will offer their own meal kits through Peapod, though he also believes that the meal kit business needs “the support of a home-delivery system” and “the support of dry groceries.”
KC's View:
In some ways, this is the third story in a series this morning … but I also have to suggest here that at least when I visit my local Stop & Shop, there seems to be very little evidence of innovative thinking or a desire to make the store more exciting. I can’t talk about every store in every market that is owned by the company … but my everyday shopping experience at an Ahold Delhaize-owned leaves a lot to be desired.