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I’ve always been a big Jerry Seinfeld fan, both before his eponymous television series, during, and especially since it went off the air; I thought his 2002 documentary Comedian was terrific in how it got at both the art and science of standup comedy, and I love his “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” series in how it explores the often fractured psyches of his fellow comedians.

Now, he’s out with a new special on Netflix - “Jerry Before Seinfeld.” And I must admit that I laughed for most of the hour run time, which is pretty good since there hasn’t been a hell of a lot of laugh about lately. The special has Seinfeld appearing at a comedy club and telling the audience how he got started, punctuating the story with jokes that he told early in his career. There are also visits to old haunts in New York and Long Island, and the special is an entirely pleasant experience. Check it out.

One of last seasons TV series that I finally caught up with recently was ‘The Good Place,” which stars Kristen Bell as a rather dissolute young woman who is surprised to find herself in heaven after she is killed in an accident; when she discovers that she has been mistaken for someone else, she resolves to perpetuate the lie and keep the angel who is running the place (Ted Danson) in the dark.

That’s the premise … but I can promise you that season one was a lot more complicated, incredibly clever, and extremely funny. Season two started this week, and I’m very excited … though I will also tell you that you have to watch the first season before watching the second.

And here’s the deal - “The Good Place” is on NBC, an old-fashioned broadcast network, which actually gives me hope.

Sunday. “Star Trek: Discovery.” Can’t wait.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday.

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