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Bloomberg reports that Amazon, which already has several offices in New York City, plans to “expand its presence” there “with a 359,000 square-foot office in Manhattan that will employ people in finance, sales, marketing and information technology earning an average of $100,000 annually. Amazon will invest $55 million in the building project on Manhattan’s west side.”

The moves comes as Amazon plans to open a second headquarters, with an invest of at least $5 billion; more than a hundred communities and states have said they will submit proposals - and New York is one of them.

• The Des Moines Register reports that Hy-Vee is increasing its prices for grocery pickup and delivery. “Until last week, the company charged $4.95 for delivery and $2.95 for store pickup for online orders under $100,” the story says. “Orders over $100 did not have the extra fees … as of last week, orders over $100 delivered within a 4-hour time period will get free delivery. Shoppers wanting their orders within a 2-hour window will pay $7.99 and within an hour window, $9.99. Orders less than $100 will pay a $5.99 fee for a 4-hour window, $9.99 for a 2-hour window and $12.99 for an hour window, the company said.”

Hy-Vee said that “because the service was so popular it needed to increase the scheduled times it delivered groceries to be able to better plan delivery routes.” CEO Randy Edeker pronounced himself “stunned” at how successful online shopping as been.
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