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Retail management consulting firm BRP is out with a new study saying that retailers are responding to consumers’ demand for quick delivery, with “51% of retailers indicate they offer same day delivery, up from 16% last year, and within two years 65% plan to offer this service. Delivery via a third party service, such as Uber or Lyft has also increased (from 20% last year to 32% this year) as retailers look at different ways to offer customers the flexibility to shop, purchase and receive their goods on their own terms.”

“With Amazon offering same day delivery in some markets, the push is on for retailers to get items delivered to customers as soon as possible,” said Jeffrey Neville, vice president at BRP. “Autonomous delivery and distribution are the next step with self-driving vehicles soon a reality and a few food delivery start-ups already testing the concept.”
KC's View:
I’ve been saying for years that free and/or fast delivery was something that retailers, if they wanted to be competitive, were going to have to figure out how to factor into their business plans. It is what customers want, it is what some retailers are programmed to provide, and so it was inevitably going to be something that was going to expand.