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Reuters reports that Chipotle customers on social media have “turned up their noses at the burrito seller’s new ‘queso’ cheese topping,” saying things like it “is probably the most disappointing thing I've ever experienced in my life,” and it “is not good…and I love cheese.”

Chipotle put queso on the menu last week, describing it as “complex and slightly spicy.”

The Reuters story notes that “previously tested in Colorado and Southern California, queso is served as a topping on burritos or as a side dish with chips. It is the company’s latest attempt to attract new customers as well as regulars who fled in recent years following a string of food-borne illness outbreaks.”
KC's View:
So I guess it isn’t enough just to not make people sick. Chipotle’s customers actually want the food to taste good. Go figure.

I would like to gently suggest to the Chipotle customer who described the queso as “probably the most disappointing thing I've ever experienced in my life” that you should be very happy with your life, since you’ve obviously been blessed. You’re a very lucky person when lousy cheese is the worst thing in your life.

Just want to provide a little context.