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The Wall Street Journal has a piece about the latest food trend that seems to be taking hold, in which “good-for-you food has never been this good. Fat is no longer ingredient non grata. Vegetable dishes are often the most exciting items on the menu. American chefs draw on a global pantry for nutritional powerhouses such as kimchi and chia seeds. If there was once a wall between health food and serious cooking, it’s been kicked in.”

The trend is being seen in restaurants in Los Angeles and, gradually, New York, where they are adopting a “sunny, vegetable-centered, fermentation-happy all-day-eating mode,” in which food is more or less healthy, will make you feel good, and that strikes a balance even as “the trend continues toward eating more meals per week outside the home.”

The theory seems to be that if people are going to eat out, it might as well be the kinds of foods “that have sustained good health for millennia in traditional cultures around the world, including regular doses of butter and other saturated fats, enzyme-rich pickles and fermented foods, and a variety of meats as well as grains and legumes.”
KC's View:
I have to admit that very few of the menu items described in the story - which sound very much like food for the elites - would be likely to be at the top of my wish-list for a meal. But I love adventure, so I guess I’m going to have to find out if I like them or not.