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Yesterday, we posted an email from a reader who complained that when I suggested that in looking for a site for a second headquarters Amazon was likely to pick a blue state or a blue city in a red state, I was unnecessarily injecting politics into the discussion. I disagreed with that assessment. (By the way, I should have added “purple state” to my original argument.)

MNB reader Rich Heiland, I think it is fair to say, agreed with me:

Concerning the reader who has had enough of "politics." Politics, business and culture are intertwined. They cannot be separated.

Here in Texas, business was massively against the "bathroom bill" proposed by conservative legislatures to keep transgender people out of the restroom they identify with. The same thing happened in North Carolina.

Big business, including the Koch Brothers, has stood against the repeal of the Dream Act and as a collective is calling for Congress to act.

When businesses relocated or expand, it's not taxes that tops the list. It is the ability to either recruit employees from an area or move existing employees into areas they will be comfortable with. You captured that spot on in your comment.

Until social justice becomes blind, and corporate money is kept out of politics, we will continue to have business and politics intertwined.

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