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Twice has a story about a new study from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) saying that 55 percent of millennials who responded to survey questions “are eschewing live TV in favor of self-recorded and on-demand content,” as compared to 35 percent of people over 35 who prefer on-demand viewing.

Additional findings include:

• “Sixty-seven percent of respondents said they didn’t mind sharing their viewing habits with websites/apps.”

• “Percentage of respondents who preferred that content networks know their viewing habits so networks can show relevant content recommendations: 64 percent.”

• “Percentage of respondents who preferred content networks know their preferences so networks can show them relevant ads: 62 percent.”
KC's View:
This desire to have things their own way goes beyond just how they consume television programming. It actually reflects a broader trend … which is why retailers have to be more focused on what consumers want than on their own operational priorities. All the internal efficiencies in the world won’t matter if they deliver an irrelevant product or service.

And by the way, it isn’t just Millennials … many of us feel this way. Which explains yesterday’s FaceTime video about how I think Starbucks forgot this.