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by Michael Sansolo

We talk a lot about how to make the ordinary something extraordinary, eye catching and special. With that in mind there’s a curious lesson from the small city of Killarney in western Ireland.

Thanks to modern technology phone booths have essentially become useless and increasingly scarce. But Killarney found a way to make them relevant and incredibly useful, at least under certain circumstances.

Throughout Killarney the phone booths have been converted into defibrillator stations, complete with clear signage, instructions and warnings not to mess with the machines unless they are needed.

So sure those booths aren’t going to get the traffic they use to have from callers or superheroes needing to change outfits. Then again, they may save a lot more lives.

Remaking something old and obsolete into something new and important seems like an Eye-Opener, especially in unsettling times.

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