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Raley’s announced yesterday that California-based Raley’s has launched what it is calling “a new, one-of-a-kind shelf tag program to help customers combat some of these obstacles in the grocery store and more easily make informed food purchasing decisions … For ease of use, the icons are placed directly on the price tag. The top two icons are shared on the tag in-store … As a part of Raley’s click-and-collect service, eCart, online shoppers can sort for products using the Shelf Guide icons to quickly find products that meet their health and wellness needs on More than 13,000 items in center store have at least one icon.”

The company said that its Shelf Guide “combines current food trends and leading research to set strict standards for packaged food claims and provide label transparency. The new tool differs from other shelf tag programs by taking a closer look at packaged ingredients, food processing and nutrition. Using simple and colorful icons, Raley’s Shelf Guide helps customers quickly interpret whether a product meets their needs, without having to analyze multiple labels. Raley’s has even created two of their own shelf tag descriptions – making it easy for customers to find food that is minimally processed and nutrient dense.”

Raley’s said that the guide is a response to Nielsen data showing that “59% of grocery shoppers experience difficulty in understanding nutrition facts on product packaging,” while “recognizing ingredients ranks first for consumers in terms of what influences their decision to purchase a food or beverage.”
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