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The Wall Street Journal reports that there seems to be some evidence that Amazon’s ownership may have led to increased traffic at Whole Foods.

According to the story, “Several Whole Foods employees said they have noticed an increase in sales at their respective stores since the merger, beyond the expected back-to-school rush. A J.P. Morgan & Chase Co. analysis of four days of car traffic to Whole Foods stores found visits were up compared with averages before the merger and during comparable periods over the previous three years.”

The Journal goes on to report that “Whole Foods hasn’t added to the list of items marked down after the merger last week, but some stores have added larger orange signs advertising the discounts. A Goldman Sachs survey of roughly 90 items found that 20% were marked down last week, with produce down by 31%, packaged goods by 20% and refrigerated items by 19% from before the merger.”
KC's View:
One thing I’ve noticed in my local Whole Foods is that the inside-the-front-door display of Alexa-enabled Echos and Dots has gone away; apparently this was just an opening gambit, designed to get people’s attention in the days immediately following the completion of the acquisition.

There will be the impulse on the part of the media and analysts to micro-analyze every day of Amazon’s stewardship at Whole Foods. (I’m sure I’ll be guilty of this myself, though I’ll try to resist.) This will be a mistake. There will be steps and missteps, and we shouldn’t overstate the importance of the former or the implications of the latter.