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by Kevin Coupe

Several years ago, when Tom Furphy and I began doing “The Innovation Conversation” together, it was largely designed to be a text version of the innumerable chats that we’ve had over the years; sometimes in cities and at meetings where we both were in attendance, often at Etta’s in Seattle, where he and I would go whenever I was in town, and where we’d talk for hours about technology and excellence and where the industry was headed. (We’ve also done “The Innovation Conversation” live for audiences in a number of locales, which always has been great fun and highly topical.)

Which made it all the more ironic when during the summer there was a convergence of circumstances and interest in our doing “The Innovation Conversation” as a podcast. We both like to talk about the subject; I do it for a living, while Tom has a venture capital and development firm that nurtures new and exciting companies … meaning that he actually does the stuff that I only talk about. But these regular talks are fun for both of us, and we thought that it’d be a nice way to take “The Innovation Conversation” to the next level. Our plan is to include the occasional interview with interesting folks, and while we may not actually be sitting at the Etta’s bar being served by our favorite bartender, Morgan, we hope that the podcast will be breezy, spontaneous, and entertaining. (Our goal is for it to sound like sports radio, except about innovation.)

And so, I’m happy to announce that starting next month, on a date still to be determined, we’re going to be adding an “Innovation Conversation” podcast to the mix. It’ll be on a quarterly basis to start, and will be available both here on MNB and in places like the iTunes store or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. (This will begin to placate, I hope, the MNB readers who I think I should turn the whole site into a daily podcast. I’m not ready to go that far, but maybe this is a start.)

“The Innovation Conversation” podcast will be presented by the good folks at GMDC, who really got this ball rolling and who I think are committed to driving an ongoing internal and external focus on business innovation. And, it will be sponsored by ReposiTrak, a longtime MNB sponsor with whom readers are highly familiar for its breakthrough technological approach to the food safety issue.

And so, I hope you’ll watch for the first edition of “The Innovation Conversation” podcast, coming next month … it’ll be an Eye-Opener.
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