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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday approved Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, just hours after the deal was approved by Whole Foods shareholders - meaning that there appears to be no further impediments to the purchase being completed.

Amazon still expects to close on the deal before the end of the year, giving it ownership of more than 460 bricks-and-mortar Whole Foods stores to supplement its formidable e-commerce operations.
KC's View:
The timing of the FTC approval came as something of a surprise, since some Democrats, prompted by organized labor, objected to the deal because of what they said will be the resulting lost jobs. Plus, President Trump continues to have a real problem with his coverage by the Washington Post, which is owned in a private investment by Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos. (He went after - and conflated - the Post and Amazon yet again in his campaign speech in Phoenix on Wednesday.)

I suspect that this thing will close sooner rather than later, and that’s when things will get interesting. I would think that Amazon will time the closing of the deal to its ability to make a quick impression on consumers - perhaps by offering some sort of discount at Whole Foods to Prime members. It will take time to integrate their operations, but Amazon is a firm believer in speed … it will try a number of strategies and tactics to change the rules of the game as best it can.