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CNBC has a story about how location intelligence app Foursquare is predicting that Amazon or Walmart are likely to next target Nordstrom as a potential acquisition.

“The two companies are competing for the same shoppers, as one attempts to step into the other's core area of focus — Wal-Mart growing its e-commerce platform, and Amazon expanding a portfolio of real estate,” the story says, and Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck, and so Nordstrom could be a good fit for each.

“Nordstrom shoppers are about two times more likely to shop at Whole Foods than the average consumer, according to Foursquare, so that's where a deal with Amazon begins to make sense … Meanwhile, Wal-Mart might want a company like Nordstrom in its portfolio to capture more millennial shoppers; Nordstrom shoppers are, on average, 55 percent less likely to shop at Wal-Mart than other American consumers, Foursquare found.” Such a move would fit in with Walmart’s recent pattern of acquiring upscale brands such as Bonobos.
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