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The Wall Street Journal has a story about how agricultural conglomerate Cargill has made an undisclosed investment in Memphis Meats, taking out an ownership stake in the startup that is “developing technology to grow meat from self-reproducing animal cells,” also known as “clean meat.”

Memphis Meats makes the argument that “clean meat” is better for the environment “than meat derived from traditional feedlots and slaughterhouses.”

The story says: “Meat companies are under pressure from consumers to reduce their reliance on animal drugs and to treat livestock more humanely. Some have invested in plant-based burgers and chicken strips, hoping to win business from both vegetarians and carnivores concerned about the meat industry’s heavy use of crops and water.”

Memphis had just landed $17 million in funding from sources such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson, though it has not made public the degree of the individual investments.
KC's View:
Smart move, I think. It is intelligent and forward thinking for traditional institutions to invest in the future rather than deny it.

It also is rare, these days.