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by Kevin Coupe

Eater reports that Starbucks has begun selling sushi burritos, though only in select stores in Seattle and Chicago.

“Sold as a Chicken Maki Roll,” Eater writes, “this creation is filled with sushi rice, shredded chicken, cucumber, pickled cabbage, onions, and avocado with tomatillo salsa and lime crema wrapped in a sheet of nori. It’s part of Starbucks’ new Mercato line, which includes other grab-and-go lunch items such as sandwiches and soups.”

Most versions of the sushi burrito - which has grown in popularity over the past year on both coasts - contain raw fish, which the Starbucks version apparently does not. “That’s something most people would (understandably) be wary of plucking from the refrigerated case at their local Starbucks,” Eater writes.

I kind of agree with that assessment … I was talking last night to one of my sisters, who happens to love sushi burritos, and she was not enthralled by the idea of having one at Starbucks.

I’ll be interested to see where this goes, and if the offering gets traction and is rolled out to other markets. Starbucks has had mixed success on the food side, and while I’m not sure this will be a game changer, I do have to give them credit for trying new stuff and pushing the envelope.

We’ll see. Either way, it’ll be an Eye-Opener.
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