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Quartz has a story about one-click technology, which Amazon built and then patented back in 1999, using it as a significant growth engine with its ability to allow people to make quick purchases using previously entered shipping an d building information.

Since then, it is likely that any site not named Amazon offering the option probably has licensed the technology from Amazon; when Barnes & Noble tried to copy it in 1999, Amazon successfully sued for copyright infringement.

Writing about such patents in 2000, Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos wrote that it was his belief that the company’s “competitive advantage will continue to come not from patents, but from raising the bar on things like service, price, and selection - and we will continue to raise that bar.”

That’s a good thing … because Quartz notes that Amazon’s patent on one-click technology expires on September 11, 2017.
KC's View:
I think Bezos is right about this - that Amazon’s advantages usually come from its ability to execute - quickly - on its strategic visions and innovations. That’s something that few companies can replicate.

That said, I have to wonder if Amazon has something up its sleeve for the coming month, some sort of ordering innovation that will supplement its one-click advantage.

I wouldn’t be surprised.