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by Kevin Coupe

As all hell was breaking loose in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend, with neo- Nazis, members of the KKK and assorted other white supremacists and hate groups engaged in a rally that turned deadly, it ends up that a Wegmans that was just a couple of miles from the epicenter of the violence was instrumental in preparing and donating food for first responders.

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, “Charlottesville store managers halted daily work to prepare food for first responders working to quell the unrest … First responders entered the store late Saturday planning to purchase several pizzas, drinks, but left with a vehicle filled with donated hot food, chips and drinks.”

A Facebook posting by the Metro Richmond Fire Incidents said that “store managers halted their daily work and ‘dedicated themselves and other staff to cooking for us. They fired up all their ovens, called in extra bakers and even emptied their freezers to cook boxed pizza for us when they ran out of dough.

The night manager stayed till 1 a.m. The opening manager had carts lined up for us with breakfast, sorted by delivery location. The store practically refused to take a payment until we told them we wouldn't leave until they did’.

“In all, food prepared at the store fed more than 1,000 police officers and National Guard members, ‘amid absolute chaos and with no advanced notice,’ according to the post. The deed culminated Sunday morning with 500 Virginia State Police troopers ‘walking into their location, bereft with grief, yet so thankful to see a 20-foot long counter lined with breakfast’.”

It is Eye-Opening to know that in a situation where racists and bigots and hate mongers show us the worst of humanity and the polar opposite of what this country is supposed to be all about, there are people and places that show kindness and empathy, demonstrating and reflecting the best of the American spirit.

It also should be Eye-Opening to businesses that the spotlight will find those that behave well, and those that do not. There is no place to hide, and so businesses and business leaders must do the right thing.
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