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Walmart said over the weekend that the gun display in one of its stores that labeled it as a back-to-school special - a picture of which posted on social media created an enormous outcry - was “a prank,” though the company offered no further details.

According to a story in USA Today, a spokesman said that Walmart was “certain” the picture was a “ruse.” He added, “I really don't think any retailer is immune from things like this popping up through social media. When we're faced with it, we do take the claim seriously.”

The story notes that “Walmart started its own investigation of the incident Wednesday, after a photo of the display spread across Twitter. The photo showed a glass gun case in a Walmart store with a sign on top reading, ‘Own the school year like a hero,’ the store's back-to-school slogan.”
KC's View:
Not funny. Not sure what kind of sick jerk would think that this would be an amusing prank in the context of some of the nonsense that takes place these days, but I think it is up to Walmart to identify exactly who the person was and under what circumstances the “prank” played out.