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Advertising Age reports that “Bud Light, which has struggled amid the craft beer revolution, has a new message for drinkers: Simple beer is good, too.”

The ads not only make a virtue out of the beer’s "four essential ingredients -- water, rice, barley and hops,” but it also pokes fun “at more complex brews.”

The story notes that “Bud Light follows other traditional beer brands, such as Miller Lite and Heineken, that have sought to restore respect to mainstream lagers with product-focused marketing amid the rise of more complex craft ales.”

However, Ad Age points out that so far the efforts have not worked, with brands like Bud Light and Miller Lite seemingly in perpetual decline.
KC's View:
Now, I grant you that I have a bias here. I spend my summers in Oregon, which is sort of ground zero for great craft beer. And I almost always try to order local/craft beers wherever I happen to be.

But I have to wonder if the Bud Light folks are misjudging the zeitgeist … that the American public maybe is less interested in “simple” than in the past, at least when it comes to food and drink. Folks - especially younger folks - are more sophisticated about such things, and complexity and nuance doesn’t necessarily frighten them, at least when it comes to food and drink.