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The Associated Press reports that the Walt Disney Co., owner of the ABC television network, has disclosed a $177 million legal settlement, which while not specifically identified as such seems to be going to Beef Products Inc. (BPI), which sued the network’s news division over a story about low-cost processed “lean finely textured beef," which was sprayed with ammonia and used as filler in ground beef.

ABC News ran several stories about the filler, which was referred to as “pink slime” - a term coined by a staff microbiologist with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). BPI maintained that ABC's coverage misled consumers into believing the product is unsafe, is not beef and isn't nutritious.

A settlement of the suit - which, had ABC lost it, could have cost the company more than a billion dollars - was reached in late June, though terms had not been disclosed. The AP story suggests that while Disney is writing a $177 million check, that is not the total amount of the settlement, and ABC’s insurance company likely is writing another check.
KC's View:
I’ll repeat what I’ve said here before - that I never was comfortable with the network's concession that its reporting engaged in "imaginative expression" and "rhetorical hyperbole." That's the mind of stuff I do...but I'm a pundit, and I label the commentary as such. But I also thought that BPI wasn’t as transparent as it probably should’ve been.