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• The Associated Press reports that “Chipotle has temporarily closed a Dallas location where a diner posted video of rodents inside the restaurant,” and that it will remain closed “while the company thoroughly checks out the 100-year-old building in Dallas' West End neighborhood.”

The rat video came out at the same time as Chipotle was dealing with new cases of norovirus occurring among patrons of one of its Virginia restaurants, which set back its efforts to get beyond the 2015 E. coli outbreak that did severe damage to the company’s reputation.

USA Today reports that Oprah Winfrey is teaming up with Kraft Heinz on “a new line of refrigerated soups and side dishes” called ‘O, That's Good.’ The products start coming to store shelves this week.

“Marketed as healthy riffs on comfort food, the inaugural offerings include mashed potatoes with cauliflower mixed in, creamy parmesan pasta with white bean puree replacing some of the cheese and broccoli cheddar soup infused with butternut squash.”

This is just Winfrey’s latest foray into a food related business, following an endorsement of and investment in Weight Watchers.
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