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Mashable reports that there are 3.028 billion active social media users around the world, “meaning that almost half of the world's population spends at least part of their day updating their status or story.”

Earth’s population currently is estimated to be 7.524 billion people.

Furthermore, this means that “only a small portion of the estimated 3.819 billion people with internet access around the world don't have at least one social profile. Mobile users make up a large chunk of the base, with 2.780 billion active users.”

According to the story, “Facebook is, unsurprisingly, the king of the social media platforms, with an estimated 2.047 billion monthly active users (MAU), while its other properties, WhatsApp and Messenger were over the billion MAU mark as well in the third and fourth position, respectively. Instagram followed closely behind with roughly 700 million MAU.”

The numbers were compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social and published by The Next Web.
KC's View:
I have to wonder when all these people will begin to think that they belong to the nation of Facebook, and not to whatever nation they happen to live in. If that happens, there will be a lot of implications for governments, businesses and the social order.