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The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago’s tax on disposable plastic bags - seven cents apiece, with five cents going to the government and two cents to the retailer - “is nudging Chicagoans to kick, or at least curtail, their use of the plastic sacks.” Six months after its imposition, the Tribune writes, “even Chicagoans irked by the idea of paying for something once handed out for free say the tax has encouraged them to plan ahead and avoid the disposable bags offered for a fee at checkout.

According to the story, “Tax collection data alone, because of the way the tax is collected and the variation in when retailers made their first payments, make it difficult to tell how consumers responded immediately after the disposable bag tax was introduced. But the amount the city has collected so far — nearly $3 million as of July 25 — is on pace to come in well below the $9.2 million the tax was expected to generate for city coffers this year. The city also had estimated retailers would garner $3.7 million from their portion of the tax, bringing the total collected to $12.9 million.”

Which would seem to suggest that Chicago residents are adapting.
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