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The Washington Post has a piece about McDonald's Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich line, which last month added "a few sriracha-slathered offerings (quarter-pound burger, fried chicken breast, grilled chicken breast) topped with tomato, white cheddar, crispy onions and a mix of baby kale and spinach. It is reportedly the first time McDonald’s has ever used kale on a burger, more or less breaking a promise extended in a self-congratulatory, anti-elitist commercial from 2015, which insisted you’d never see kale on a Big Mac."

The story suggests that the move "reeks of a corporate attempt to capitalize on two of the biggest food trends of the past decade (although far after each has peaked)." The writer also reports that as promising as the concoction sounds, the delivery left a lot to be desired ... in one cases, the sandwich included what appeared to be "a large, veiny leaf of what looked like romaine, "but definitely wasn't kale.
KC's View:
The hamburgers often aren't real meat, so it isn't a big surprise that the kale isn't kale.

Okay, that's a little harsh. I just can't help myself.