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• The Washington Post reports on how in Washington, DC, there "appears to be a resurgence of small-scale groceries catering to neighborhood residents — in stark contrast to the trend of disappearing mom-and-pop stores in small towns across the country. Even as more openings are in the pipeline for large retail chains such as Whole Foods and Wegmans, the smaller neighborhood stores are making their mark. By one count, at least six have opened since 2015, and more are in the works."

According to the Post, "The new corner groceries are part of a broader back-to-the-city movement in parts of the country, said Brett Theodos, a senior research associate in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute. That trend, Theodos said, is driving demand for a 'job-rich, transit-rich environment' and 'the meeting together of commercial and residential sectors in a way that feels very authentic and vibrant',"

Food Logistics reports that "UPS is expanding its ability to ship alcohol, wine and beer around the world," allowing direct-to-consumer shipping that allows shoppers and manufacturers to essentially disintermediate traditional retailers."

Would a "Yippie!" be out place here? Because antiquated rules and turf-conscious distributors that combine to prevent consumers from having access to lots of product strike me as ripe for elimination.
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