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We had a story yesterday about an experiment being conducted that hopes to prove that there’s even more to that cork pop than meets the eye: Does the sound of a 'pop' actually make the wine taste better?

One MNB reader responded:

Many of my friends view me as a bit of a wine snob…a lot a wine snob! I am totally with you about the romance of the cork.

I have had a few high end cabs that have screw caps. The best examples are Plump Jack, and Cade, both from the same family of wines. If you buy a two pack of their reserve ($200- $300+ a bottle each) you will get a cork and a screw cap. I have to say if you don’t know wine, your guest look at you cross eyed when you open the screw cap of this wine versus the cork option.  I would agree that most tests point to screw cap for maintaining long term quality versus cork or synthetic.

For me the cork is the choice, even though you can lose a beautiful bottle...

Yesterday, MNB took note of a Fox Business interview with former Walmart US CEO Bill Simon in which he said that he won't be buying Amazon stock anytime soon, that "there’s only one direction for that stock to go ... and I think everybody knows that. I can’t tell you when it’s going to happen, but it’s inevitable." Simon continued a series of TV appearances in which he has been highly critical of Amazon, suggesting that there is no way its growth is sustainable.

One MNB reader responded:

Bill Simon sounds worried, not confident it seems to me, as well he should be.

Finally, we referenced a Business Insider report yesterday that "Chipotle is planning to test something that customers have been seeking for years: a drive-thru window ... Up until this point, Chipotle has been one of the few national quick-service chains not to offer a drive-thru option."

I commented:

The thing is, this is a really good idea because people will be on the road and can get to the emergency room faster after eating food bought at Chipotle.

Too harsh? Too soon?

MNB reader Jackie Lembke responded:

The comment was probably a bit harsh and too soon, but it still made me laugh.

That's enough for me.
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